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Web Server Blocklist and Blacklist Top 25 List

This is the top 25 bad IP addresses listed in order of number of attacks.

If your IP is listed here, the first thing you should do, of course, is take the machine off-line listed after “ip:”. A large percentage of machines that are blocked are compromised with some sort of XSS issue. (Cross Site Scripting) Someone has injected code in your web pages so that when someone visits your page, data will get pulled from another machine and be presented (usually hidden) to that person's browser. One thing to look for is code in your web pages like <iframe> and/or <javascript> tags that you didn't put there. Also check your web server and traffic logs for traffic requests going to or coming from the IP address listed.
IP Addresses that have been blocked and reported are also listed on the public blacklists.
One of which is HERE.
ISP, DNS, Mail Server and Site Owner personel use these lists for blocking and/or rejecting similar attacks on their systems using rbl style or firewall rules such as as PeerBlock, PeerGuardian linux, iplist, Vuze, Transmission, uTorrent and, pfBlocker. They may not accept any traffic from the blocked IP address.

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The Top 25 Blacklisted.

IP Address Attempts Last Attack Date/Time 02:13:48 08:32:36 21:11:45 07:53:35 17:17:51 16:20:11 06:22:21 20:55:44 04:15:03 03:43:04 18:42:22 09:45:44 00:03:57 16:38:07 09:36:20 10:22:15 22:15:48 12:30:20 19:27:20 07:07:41 02:23:12 10:56:11 13:48:20 20:44:22 02:29:30

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server online www  web service
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server online mx 08  mail service
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server online www ha  F/O web service
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server online mx 11  mail service
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server online Primary  Client DNS
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server online Secondary  Client DNS
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