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Hello, my name is Ronnie and I am a recovering Microsoft developer.
I have been clean and Microsoft free for:
16 years 7 months 6 days 8 hours 19 minutes 14 seconds.

This domain is 100% free of Microsoft software.

For about 39 years, I have been the Computer Expert wherever I reside. For a very long time, I thought I was a computer expert. I know now, I was the Microsoft Expert. I am a card carrying, multi-certified Microsoft Certified Professional as well as Microsoft Certified Database Administrator, Systems Engineer, and a few other certifications.
Now when I see someone's Microsoft Windows desktop, I see it as a toy; something made of cheap plastic with holes in it, and the wheels falling off.
Windows Vista/ Windows 7 appears to have a little shinier, albeit slower cheaper plastic. I don't think the wheels were ever attached...
I can't even talk about Windows 8 without peeing a little, so I'll just say it's one of the worst things they have ever done, and leave it at that.
It's been a long process, and some of what's been learned will be put on this site as time allows.

If you are the typical Windows power user, I suggest giving Ubuntu Linux a try.

I must warn you though; if you spend a month really learning Ubuntu and/or Debian Linux, or any one of the Debian Based Linux Distributions you won't stop...

Registered Linux User #440901

“Now when I see someone's Microsoft Windows desktop, I see it as a toy; something made of cheap plastic, with holes in it, and the wheels falling off. ”

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“Windows - Just Say No”

“Microsoft - Which flavor of Kool-Aid do you want today?
Sour Apple, Sour Grape or Wild Lemon-Cherry...”

“Microsoft - Our Passion, Your Money.”

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