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Ronnie M. Redd

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Zeki Basbuyuk

Sr. Design Engineer at Moseley Associates Inc.

“Ronnie is one of the most dedicated IT personnel, I've ever met. He has shown his commitment to the company many times over the years working on improving operations, incorporating open-source solutions for cost-reduction measures. With his knowledge in Microsoft software being no less than his Linux experience, his determinism of finding solutions, his genuine curiosity to computer technology, his honesty, his commitment to the company, I am sure he will be useful to any organization.“

Sumit Singh

Architect at Moseley Associates Inc.

“Besides being an effective network operations manager, Ronnie is a smart problem solver. During my interactions with him on various IT issues, I have been impressed by (1) his honest attempts to first clearly understand the core reasons for any problem and then come up with an intelligent solution that actually addresses the issue and (2) his practice of trying to foresee our future IT needs (and problems) and preparing for them in advance. Ronnie is very helpful and friendly.“

Natasha Stewart

Previously - Engineering Assistant at Moseley Associates Inc.

“ Ronnie has always been able to find a quick and simple solution to any IT complications I had experienced while working with the various programs I had used to fulfill Administrative and Marketing tasks. His expertise in programs allowed for effective work. His approach was always with ease and fast-thinking efforts. “

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