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Ronnie M. Redd

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Ron Fontaine

Corporate Director of Information Technology at Moseley Associates Inc.

“As the network manager for Moseley for the past decade, Ronnie Redd has proven himself to be a remarkably responsible, ethical and confident employee.
I am amazed at the ease with which Ronnie can fulfill a variety of tasks. He has worked for me not only as the network manager, but also also has taken on many other duties to help the company keep moving forward. He is fiscally savvy, technically excellent and and a great mentor.
I am confident that Ronnie’s intelligence, maturity and technical knowledge will be great assets in any organization. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.“

Sunil Naik

Director of Engineering at Moseley Associates Inc.

“Ronnie, has been key in bringing well managed network and control of the computers and the firewall has prevented any major issue's within the Moseley network. Very diligent in his work and is great for advise on Moseley system projects requiring Networking.“

Zeki Basbuyuk

Sr. Design Engineer at Moseley Associates Inc.

“Ronnie is one of the most dedicated IT personnel, I've ever met. He has shown his commitment to the company many times over the years working on improving operations, incorporating open-source solutions for cost-reduction measures. With his knowledge in Microsoft software being no less than his Linux experience, his determinism of finding solutions, his genuine curiosity to computer technology, his honesty, his commitment to the company, I am sure he will be useful to any organization.“

Charlie Schisler

Director of IT at EECO

“ Ronnie has an ability to understand complex network environments, his ability to communicate with the any level of end user is outstanding. This is a direct result of his detailed understanding of the interactions of diverse systems. Ronnie demonstrates a level of comprehension that separates him from the average network administrator. He is innovative, thinks well on his feet, his broad base of knowledge makes him an instant asset to any organization. Ronnie is a self starter, maintains high standard level of integrity, also motivates others around him. He has been a pleasure to work with and to be associated with. “

Lynnette Hanson

Owner, Dynamic Business Solutions

“ I can recommend Ronnie to anyone who is seeking an IT Manager with a strong skill set in Networking, Hardware and Database Management. Most importantly Ronnie proves that you can, in fact, have a talented, experienced IT manager that has interpersonal skills too! He provides solid support and inventive solutions with a smile. “

Robert Marmorstein

Operations and Supply Chain Executive

“ It is my great pleasure to recommend Ronnie. His work has been a major factor in our company's continued success. He is professional, intelligent and great to be around. “

Dave Taylor

Corporate Controller at Moseley Associates Inc.

“Ronnie is an excellent knowledge source when it comes to complex network issues. He is able to research and solve problems in a very timely and effective manner. I am really impressed with foresight into security threats and how he manages those threats.“

Sumit Singh

Architect at Moseley Associates Inc.

“Besides being an effective network operations manager, Ronnie is a smart problem solver. During my interactions with him on various IT issues, I have been impressed by (1) his honest attempts to first clearly understand the core reasons for any problem and then come up with an intelligent solution that actually addresses the issue and (2) his practice of trying to foresee our future IT needs (and problems) and preparing for them in advance. Ronnie is very helpful and friendly.“

Mark Speciale

Manager - Special Projects at Moseley Associates Inc.

“ Ronnie is a team player with a wide array of complex skills and abilities. His reflexive natural propensity to think on his feet and calmly manage complicated IT-related processes during mission-critical emergencies is only matched by his personable demeanor, positive attitude, diligence, and compassion for his fellow employees. He's a good man who brings a lot to the table.
Ronnie takes great pride in his work and I am particularly grateful for his unbroken record of keeping our internal network 100% safe from attackers, spammers and hardware calamities of all kinds over the last decade or so.
I will be honored to speak with anyone on Ronnie's behalf at any time. “

Jason Kennedy

Cloud Engineer at Eucalyptus Systems Inc.

“ Ronnie was extremely detail-oriented and efficient, always there when you needed him. Great IT is a difficult balance of cutting through chafe and working issues, and Ronnie's great at both. I'd work with him anywhere, what an asset. “

Philip Rushton

General Manager at Axxcelera Broadband Wireless

“ Ronnie is an excellent network manager. Always helpful and professional about his work. “

Joseph Taylor

Controller at Moss Motors, Ltd.

“I worked with Ronnie for many years and would be happy to do so again. His knowledge and result-oriented approach to IT made the company safer and more productive. Ronnie would truly be an asset to your company. “

David Almcrantz

Sr CAD Designer/Drafting Supervisor at Moseley Associates

“ I worked with Ronnie for five years at Moseley Associates. He is very professional and great to work with. I highly recommend him. He always kept our network up and well protected from outside attacks. “

Andrew Hankin

Consultant, engineer, technician, researcher, promotions and customer service

“Ronnie set up my desktop computer when I began employment at Moseley, a machine so appropriate and well-maintained that I was still using it all day every workday seven years later. It had all the ports, programs and connectivity I needed, at reasonable cost to the company. Ronnie was able to show me many techniques and useful tricks within Microsoft Windows and other programs, for me to be able to help my customers by phone and email.
He also provided and maintained the computers used by my colleagues, with diverse needs like dual screens, laptops, or powerful CAD workstations. Ronnie set up their equipment, then kept it updated and virus-free for all-day productivity. He would also work overnights and weekends as needed, when the company database, website and server systems needed to be updated or rebooted. The corporate headquarters and several remote business units had to be online during office hours.
As a service to the online community, Ronnie operates www.cruzit.com, his own Linux-based, Microsoft-free website with services such as DNS lookup, PHP, and spam reduction. Two more examples of his worthwhile charity -- when the company band found itself with three guitarists and a drummer, Ronnie learned to play bass guitar to benefit the music. He would grow his hair long and thick, then every few months come into work with a bristle cut, having cut off and donated his full head of hair to make natural-hair wigs for cancer survivors. “

Robert Balling

Sr. Account Manager at IT1

“ I've worked with Ronnie as a client of mine at Insight then iT1Source. Not only is it a pleasure to work with him as Network Manager at Moseley regarding the provision of IT equipment and software...but his skillset is obvious as to corporate technology expertise while managing such an environment. In our 7 years working together, not once was there a necessity to get a subject matter expert on with him from our services group because Ronnie already had what Moseley needed technologically sorted out. He'd be a valuable asset to the IT Dept. of any organization. “

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Natasha Stewart

Previously - Engineering Assistant at Moseley Associates Inc.

“ Ronnie has always been able to find a quick and simple solution to any IT complications I had experienced while working with the various programs I had used to fulfill Administrative and Marketing tasks. His expertise in programs allowed for effective work. His approach was always with ease and fast-thinking efforts. “

Kelli Martony

Executive Assistant to the COO & Office Manager at The Big Idea

“ Working with Ronnie was an absolute pleasure. He is very skilled at what he does, extremely detailed oriented, and just an all around enjoyable team member to have around. “

James Workmann

Corporate Accounting

“ Ronnie is my go-to person for all IT problems. He carries an immense range of knowledge relating to corporate network systems. From setting up workstations, to printing issues, network upgrades, server maintenance, keeping hackers at bay, you name it – Ronnie is your guy. “

Howard Friedenberg

Sr. RF Engineer and Wireless Consultant

“ Ronnie is a good guy, great to work with, knows his stuff. He has our network purring along on a shoestring and he certainly knows more about Linux than anyone I have ever met. “

Carol Scott

Graphic Designer at the ImagiNation Company

“ Ronnie is so knowledgeable, creative and very easy to work with. I highly recommend Ronnie for any IT needs. I no longer do windows... I now use Ubuntu thanks to Ronnie. “

Tracy Green

Major Accounts Manager at Impulse Advanced Communications

“ I found Ronnie to be knowledgeable and easy to work with in his role of Network Account Manager while at Moseley Associates. We worked on several projects during his time at Moseley and would recommend him highly. “

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