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We do not share any information pertaining to visitors to this site with any third party.

The only exception is that we reserve the right to share information pertaining to intrusion attempts, denial of service (DOS) attempts, phishing, scamming or illegal activities with law enforcement.
We maintain separate access and data query logs. These are retained for up to 31 days through rotation. We reserve the right to retain log content that is specific to DOS, Intrusion, Cracking or illegal activities indefinitely.

With respect to the user registration

We will maintain at minimum in regards to user registration:

User registration and/or use of the tools provided on the web site may be blocked, rejected or revoked at any time without notice at the sole discretion of the owner or dedicated approval staff.

With respect to the web site usage

If the intrusion detection/prevention tools in use on any of our networks determines an attack is underway from your IP address, it is most likely your IP address or entire Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) netblock may be blocked on any or all of our networks. If this happens your IP address will be listed on the blacklist web page.

In most cases your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will be notified of the detected attack.

If your internet activities are denied by your ISP, we will not and can not be held responsible. Any outage or disruptions in your internet services must be taken up with your ISP.

Privacy Policy Coverage

This Privacy Policy covers the following domains:

Contact concerning any questions pertaining to this privacy policy or if you feel your IP address is listed wrongfully,
should be directed to the undersigned via the contact form.

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