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PHP Encryption How To Information

This article is for working with different methods of encryption and php.
If you haven't already read the article about checking for php errors and warnings, do it now.

Part 1. Correct 256 Bit Encryption with mcrypt():

md5() and/or sha1() should not be used while forming a key for the mcrypt. This is because hex encoding uses a set of 16 characters [0-9 &a-f], which is equivalent to 4 bits.

Some usable code first. The code is pretty well commented. (See the comment lines that start with "//")
If you would like any further information, please use the Contact Page.

//variables for the salts
$itstoday=date('l jS \of F Y A');
$plusseven=date('l jS \of F Y A', strtotime('+7 days'));
//Just potential variable - Example would say let's meet five hours after message ws sent
$plusfivehrs=date('h:i A', strtotime('+5 hours'));
//variables for the keys
$key1 = "this is the first of the secret keys with today's date of " . $itstoday;
$key2 = "this is the second of the secret keys to be used with a week from now: " . $plusseven;
$input = "Let's meet at " . $plusfivehrs . " at the double secret place.";
//Next three lines should removed for production
echo '<strong>Pre-encryption:</strong><br />';
echo 'key1: "' . $key1.'"<br />';
echo 'key2:"' . $key2.'"<br />';
echo 'input:"' . $input.'"<br />';

$length = strlen($input);

// Open the cipher using rijndael 256bit
$td = mcrypt_module_open('rijndael-256', '', 'cbc', '');

// Create the IV and get the keysize length
$iv = mcrypt_create_iv(mcrypt_enc_get_iv_size($td), MCRYPT_RAND);
$ks = mcrypt_enc_get_key_size($td);

// Create the key using variables above
$key1 = md5($key1);
$key2 = md5($key2);

$key = substr($key1, 0, $ks/2) . substr(strtoupper($key2), (round(strlen($key2) / 2)), $ks/2);
$key = substr($key.$key1.$key2.strtoupper($key1),0,$ks);

// Intialize encryption
mcrypt_generic_init($td, $key, $iv);

// Encrypt the message or data from $input
$encrypted = mcrypt_generic($td, $input);

// Close encryption handler

// Initialize decryption module
mcrypt_generic_init($td, $key, $iv);

// Decrypt the encrypted string
$decrypted = mdecrypt_generic($td, $encrypted);

// Close decryption handle and module

// Show string
echo '<strong>Post-encryption:</strong><br />';
echo 'Text: '. substr($decrypted,0,$length) . '<br />';
echo 'Encoded: ' . $encrypted . '<br />';
echo '<br />key1: ' . $key1 . '<br />key2: ' . $key2 . '<br />created key: ' . $key;

Output would look something like:

key1: "the first of the secret keys with today's date of Saturday 7th of September 2013 PM"
key2:"this is the second of the secret keys to be used with a week from now: Saturday 14th of September 2013 PM"
input:"Let's meet at 05:13 PM at the double secret place"
Text: Let's meet at 05:55 PM at the double secret place. Wear a yellow hat and a blue shirt.
Encoded:��&���ޠ\e0��lN�j�yh �&0L�3/v�������*2������\�&����aM�5YK��E��

key1: d25570c25b3a4ad6ec758fd9aaca78eb
key2: 9bde5e0402f0b569160031d1ba76040b
created key: d25570c25b3a4ad6160031D1BA76040B

Please note: The output of the Encoded stream will not be valid XHTML. It is not intended to be human readable!
The above example output was modified to show valid SGML so it wouldn't break the validation of the web page.

Part 2. Using different hash functions with hash() - Coming Soon!

If you would like some information on how to do something use the Contact Page. Someone will get back with you with an answer.

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