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The Server Blacklist is now public. There are currently 8751 unique IP addresses blacklisted.
It's available in .csv, .txt, .htaccess and two different i-blocklist formatted downloads. The IP addresses listed are recommended as a DENY on your firewalls, web and mail servers.
These machines have been stopped, blocked and publicly blacklisted.
ISP and web hosting companies are using these lists. Since the list is now public, now you can too.
Keep spreading the word! The tools are helping take them off-line a little sooner, and keep them off-line a little longer.
Please use the Contact Page if you are interested in participating in a distributed network of blacklisting machines.
Dynamic IP addresses and Windows servers need not apply.

There is a growing list of very handy tools in the links above or on the right. WHOIS lookups, Mail Server MX & RBL (Realtime Block List) lookups and more.
They are all free to use. They will always be free to use.
Registration and login is required. We won't bug you. It's just one anti-bot measure to further protect the tools that 27322 people use. Enjoy!
See the Privacy Policy for more information with regards to data collection, blocking, reporting and blacklisting policies.


This website does not tolerate spam bots or malicious trolling robots.
For those using robots and scripts looking for compromised servers through our network:
YOUR internet service, including bandwidth, CPU usage of one or more machines, or availability may be compromised.
You've been warned.

Please consider making or recommending a donation to help keep us free.
We are completely funded by businesses and viewers like you.
Note the lack of advertising on this site. We do not accept money from advertising.
Please donate here, on the How To Help Page.

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